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Family Law

Family Law

In every family, issues arise from where we get lost, not knowing what to do. When it comes to the law, your father, children, or spouse, mistakes happen, causing your home or, as simple as paying a bill, causes the entire family to fall apart. With us, we are here every step to help get those obstacles out of the way according to the law of the United States of America.
Criminal Law

Criminal Law

When a person has an arrest, felonies, misdemeanor, criminal charge, or conviction, these circumstances can cause severe burdens for you and your family. Our team addresses these issues with the proper help from the start of our first meeting. We provide recommendations that help you make good decisions based on your situation—focusing on the appropriate care to resolve those problems.

When working for you, we make sure your understanding of your situation is a priority!

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For 31 years, the Law of Offices of Bernal Ojeda has served the community of San Fernando Valley, California. Our professional services mean we first proactively listen to what is most important to you and the people most precious to you. With us practicing law is not just about winning. It's about getting the results you deserve. From family matters to criminal allegations, our team is ready.

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What sets us apart is the pinnacle of our practice is having a clear focus on protecting your rights.

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